Friday, April 6, 2007

The Sydney Morning Herald pays tribute to Donatella

The Sydney Morning Herald paid tribute to Donatella this Easter weekend, profiling our favourite fashion diva in its "Good Weekend" supplement. It certainly was a "good weekend" for me to read this constructive and sensitive piece of journalism that accurately portrayed our diva in all the glory she deserves.

The article focused on various issues, including the humility Donatella displayed in accepting her "Walk of Style" award. On dealing with Gianni's death, Donatella confessed "...I was tortured...I was sobbing in private; people were looking at me saying 'what shall we do'. I had to keep it hidden from everybody, even my own family...". Her amount inner strength and resolve during this period is truly sobering. If Britney has any sense, she will find strength and comfort in these words and reach out to Donatella who, from experience, has the wisdom and judgement to guide her through her crises.

The article also focused on Donatella's high tolerance and DTE nature - she finds her mimic, comedian Maya Rudolph from Saturday Night Live amusing and witty - "you shouldn't take yourself too seriously" remarked Donatella. The only criticism Donatella had for her mimic was that she should stop wearing fake jewellery - fair enough - afterall, Donatalla is only seen weighed down by hefty diamonds of the highest carat. And let's face it, her critics are those petty individuals who would rather slander Donatella than confess they can't afford real jewellery!

But what really stuck me in this article was reading about how self-aware our diva is. "Women want to be beautiful, sensual, glamorous, but not overly sexy. I like women who don't look like they try too hard". Donatella's view of other women is manifested in her own appearance - her typical black outfits, with their clean, elegant lines, complimented by a small smattering of tasteful jewellery, highlighted by her Mediterranean glow, always ensures Donatella is glamorous and ready for the varied appoitments that characterise her daily schedule. Again those who slander her are typically women or homosexual men Donatella's age (though usually younger), who spend thousands of dollars to try to look as glamorous and youthful as Donatella, but to no avail. Bitchiness from others is the unfortunate price Donatella has had to pay for looking natural, youthful and glamorous. No wonder her and Madonna are pals - they have this plight in common.