Thursday, December 13, 2007

At Home with Donatella

House and Garden magazine recently published a high quality article "How to live like Donatella"in its Winter edition. In this article, Donatella provides us with some practical tips on how to accessorise for travel, where to holiday, what cities she favours and why, and her views on decadence and style.

The answers Donatella procured are proof that she is a goddess of sophistication and style. I urge you to read the full article at -

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Media Scorns Natural Beauty

It seems the lascivious tabloids are at it yet again in their petty attempts to prune our favourite tall poppy, her eminence, Donatalla.

The Daily Telegraph, an 80 cent per copy tabloid based in Sydney, has recently published a vile article, alleging that Donatella looks her age! The nonsense includes that Donatella has had botched rhinoplasty on her nose, and that her love of the sun has wrinkled her beyond her years. Dear readers, take heed that the article fails to mention that Donatella's toned body can still stop traffic, and causes pelvic stirs in men half her age. No wonder she still looks fabulous wearing the body hugging sext outfits that are out of reach to women half her age.

The reality is that Donatell's body is ALL natural - no plastic surgery here. Donatella's youthful look is attained by regular grueling workouts with a personal trainer, a diet consisting of steamed fish and vegetables, drinking a gallon of water a day and a skincare routine using all natural products. Suntanning is kept to a minimum - Donatella after all has no time in her schedule to lie on the beach; her tanned look is simply her natural olive skin, which glows from her srupulous attention to exercise and nutrition.

So readers, if you have had the unfortunate experience of seeing this vile piece of journalism, rest assured that it's all hypocrisy and written by a jealous fat dyke who has no choice to believe that "big is beautiful".

Monday, June 4, 2007

Donatella "Pie Hands"

It seems the sky may not be the limit for our esteemed diva, Donatella. Whilst keeping her manicured finger on the fashion pulse, Donatella has dipped her remaining sculpted fingers into other pies, which have resulted in millions of dollars profit for the house of Versace. Donatella has now launched a children's wear line "Versace Young", and is also designing jet, car and home interiors, accessories and other life style products.

Donatella has accepted her advisers' advice to reinvent herself in the cut-throat market, where she has altered her fashion lines to compliment the needs of her exclusive clientele. Donatella has begun taming the flamboyant clothing designs that once set her and the fashion house apart from the crowd. "I no longer recognize myself in that kind of woman,"she replied amongst rampid public interest in her latest endeavour. It was disappointing, as always, to hear her critics claim she had to restyle her line because Versace is proof that money can't buy taste. Readers, be assured that these claims are made by a petty few, namely homosexual men and barren women, who are bitter about their own failures in life, and use Donatella as their scapegoat. It is tragic, but fortunately our diva is too self-aware and self-assured to succumb to such cheap slander.

Dear readers - I am again in awe over Donatella's savy business acumen, wisdom and self-awareness. Is there anything she's not capable of? I doubt it...

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Sydney Morning Herald pays tribute to Donatella

The Sydney Morning Herald paid tribute to Donatella this Easter weekend, profiling our favourite fashion diva in its "Good Weekend" supplement. It certainly was a "good weekend" for me to read this constructive and sensitive piece of journalism that accurately portrayed our diva in all the glory she deserves.

The article focused on various issues, including the humility Donatella displayed in accepting her "Walk of Style" award. On dealing with Gianni's death, Donatella confessed "...I was tortured...I was sobbing in private; people were looking at me saying 'what shall we do'. I had to keep it hidden from everybody, even my own family...". Her amount inner strength and resolve during this period is truly sobering. If Britney has any sense, she will find strength and comfort in these words and reach out to Donatella who, from experience, has the wisdom and judgement to guide her through her crises.

The article also focused on Donatella's high tolerance and DTE nature - she finds her mimic, comedian Maya Rudolph from Saturday Night Live amusing and witty - "you shouldn't take yourself too seriously" remarked Donatella. The only criticism Donatella had for her mimic was that she should stop wearing fake jewellery - fair enough - afterall, Donatalla is only seen weighed down by hefty diamonds of the highest carat. And let's face it, her critics are those petty individuals who would rather slander Donatella than confess they can't afford real jewellery!

But what really stuck me in this article was reading about how self-aware our diva is. "Women want to be beautiful, sensual, glamorous, but not overly sexy. I like women who don't look like they try too hard". Donatella's view of other women is manifested in her own appearance - her typical black outfits, with their clean, elegant lines, complimented by a small smattering of tasteful jewellery, highlighted by her Mediterranean glow, always ensures Donatella is glamorous and ready for the varied appoitments that characterise her daily schedule. Again those who slander her are typically women or homosexual men Donatella's age (though usually younger), who spend thousands of dollars to try to look as glamorous and youthful as Donatella, but to no avail. Bitchiness from others is the unfortunate price Donatella has had to pay for looking natural, youthful and glamorous. No wonder her and Madonna are pals - they have this plight in common.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Donatella accepts Style Award and launches new Fragrance

Donatella has been very busy lately - she was recently awarded the Rodeo Drive "Walk of Style" Award, honoring Versace designs through the years. Mayor of Beverly Hills, Stephen Webb, declared the week of 4 February 2007 "Versace Week" in recognition of the House of Versace's amazing talent and success story under the no-nonsense stewardship of our diva, Donatella.

Donatella's presence in Beverly Hills to accept this award was accompanied by the usual media frenzy and a glittering celebrity entourage, including Donatella's pal and confidant Sir Elton, Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Demi Moore. Donatella, in her usual gracious way, gave hours of press interviews to the hoards of journalists who flocked Rodeo Drive to pay homage to our diva, and to ask first hand how Donatella balances a global, mega successful business with her family commitments. Our poor diva was fatigued by all this, but soldiered on as not to disappoint the global celebrity community and her fans who expect so much of her. This proves dear readers that Donatella gives so much - but takes so little in return!

On top of that, Donatella recently launched her new fragrance "Versace".

Undertaking this horrendous workload, whilst emotionally dealing with her daughter's illness, is truly unbelievable. Whenever I think my schedule is unbearable - I think of Donatella - she keeps me humble!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inner Strength Guides Donatella

Donatell'as daughter, Allegra, is gravely ill with anorexia at present. As a friend of Donatella, I acknowledge the huge emotional strain this must place on our diva as mother and matriarch. The pain in watching one's kin suffer from a disease which has no easy cure must be intolerable; we can only hope that the best of care that Donatella has provided can guide her daughter into recovery. I send all my best wishes to Donatella, to support her through this heart wrenching period of her life...I hope all my readers do the same.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Donatella Versace - Misunderstood Diva of the Global Fashion Community

There has been some snarly, unsubstantiated press coverage of international fashion diva, Donatella Versace of late that must be put right and into context.

Donatella - style guru, entrepreneur and matriach:

Donatella is a fashion guru of the 21st century. Not only does she have style and and the aura of Euro-chique, she also possess academic abilities beyond the realm of most. She holds a degree in languages and literature. Unlike most of us, she is multi-lingual and has a literary appreciation and imagination beyond the grasp of most. This coupled with her international travels and business enterprise has given her a true cosmopolitan flavour and outlook that is the envy of her critics.

In addition to her linguistic and literary talents, Dontalla is an astute business woman . She is Chief Designer of the Versace label and is Creative Director of the Palazzo Versace Hotel chain. She was also adviser, confidant and critic to her late brother, Gianni Versace. Donatella's calculated and informed opinions and reviews of the Vercase fashion line are the linchpin to the label's contemporary global mega success story.

Donatella is also the envy of most women - she manages to juggle a robust, demanding and pressured career in addition to being a mother and matriach of the Versace family. She also married an American model, which is proof enough for those snakes in the media grass that Donatella is NOT ugly. Models don't marry ugly people, even if they are rich. He chose Donatella for her babydoll looks and her sophisticated world-view. It is of course always easier to criticise other's seemigly perfect lives if you compare it to your own dull sense of reality.

Gossip, Slander and lies - putting the record straight

Accusations of a fake tan, over-liberal use of black eyeshadow, hair bleaching and drug abuse have plagued Donatella recently, with no thanks to an over-zealous media, fuelled by jealous, failed fashion graduates (now career burger flippers), taking their own sense of failure and helplessness out on the successful Dontatella

As for the claim that Donatella has a fake tan, that is ludicrous. Remember our esteemed diva is of Mediterranean origin, meaning she has naturally olive skin. Given her busy career schedule, she often spends time between Italy and Florida, both drenched and blessed with blazing, glorious sunshine - no wonder she always has a golden, healthy glow. These allegations were no doubt written by jealous, pasty Anglophiles who, with their grey complexions, evidently get about two weeks sun exposure per year. We can't all look naturally radiant and healthy all the time...

Fashion gurus need to make their mark in the world, and make a distinct impression on the international catwalk. Black eyeshadow is Donatella's hallmark, a modern cleopatrian application that serves Donatella as well as it did Cleopatra in antiquity. Those in the don't-know obviously mistake her regal tendencies with bad taste.

Hair colouring is typical for 90% of women Donatella's age - the simple fact is that internationally recognised style gurus need to look like goddesses, and not like grandmas.

As for Donatella's nose dabble in the 'charlie', her critics are quick to forget that her brother was murdered. Most people, in times of grief, resort to some type of stimulant to block out the pain and forget reality. Thankfully her inner strength and pals such as Sir Elton got her through a grueling rehab session - with her emerging as radiant and fabulous as ever. Hopefully pop diva Britney, who recently succumbed to celebrity-itis, can draw strength and resolve from Donatella, who's been down, but got all the way up there again.

Donatella is clearly a misunderstood and unappreciated member by some of the international fashion and celebrity community. This blog serves to set the record straight, and to praise the diva in the all the glory she deserves.

More updates and media reviews to follow soon...