Sunday, October 7, 2007

Media Scorns Natural Beauty

It seems the lascivious tabloids are at it yet again in their petty attempts to prune our favourite tall poppy, her eminence, Donatalla.

The Daily Telegraph, an 80 cent per copy tabloid based in Sydney, has recently published a vile article, alleging that Donatella looks her age! The nonsense includes that Donatella has had botched rhinoplasty on her nose, and that her love of the sun has wrinkled her beyond her years. Dear readers, take heed that the article fails to mention that Donatella's toned body can still stop traffic, and causes pelvic stirs in men half her age. No wonder she still looks fabulous wearing the body hugging sext outfits that are out of reach to women half her age.

The reality is that Donatell's body is ALL natural - no plastic surgery here. Donatella's youthful look is attained by regular grueling workouts with a personal trainer, a diet consisting of steamed fish and vegetables, drinking a gallon of water a day and a skincare routine using all natural products. Suntanning is kept to a minimum - Donatella after all has no time in her schedule to lie on the beach; her tanned look is simply her natural olive skin, which glows from her srupulous attention to exercise and nutrition.

So readers, if you have had the unfortunate experience of seeing this vile piece of journalism, rest assured that it's all hypocrisy and written by a jealous fat dyke who has no choice to believe that "big is beautiful".

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