Saturday, March 31, 2007

Donatella accepts Style Award and launches new Fragrance

Donatella has been very busy lately - she was recently awarded the Rodeo Drive "Walk of Style" Award, honoring Versace designs through the years. Mayor of Beverly Hills, Stephen Webb, declared the week of 4 February 2007 "Versace Week" in recognition of the House of Versace's amazing talent and success story under the no-nonsense stewardship of our diva, Donatella.

Donatella's presence in Beverly Hills to accept this award was accompanied by the usual media frenzy and a glittering celebrity entourage, including Donatella's pal and confidant Sir Elton, Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Demi Moore. Donatella, in her usual gracious way, gave hours of press interviews to the hoards of journalists who flocked Rodeo Drive to pay homage to our diva, and to ask first hand how Donatella balances a global, mega successful business with her family commitments. Our poor diva was fatigued by all this, but soldiered on as not to disappoint the global celebrity community and her fans who expect so much of her. This proves dear readers that Donatella gives so much - but takes so little in return!

On top of that, Donatella recently launched her new fragrance "Versace".

Undertaking this horrendous workload, whilst emotionally dealing with her daughter's illness, is truly unbelievable. Whenever I think my schedule is unbearable - I think of Donatella - she keeps me humble!

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